Our Vision

We envision a Hamilton County in which all students have sufficient access to nutritious food and drink.

Our Mission

We eliminate hunger among Hamilton County students by providing food insecure youth with nutritious meal packs, promoting the educational value of nutrition, increasing access to local food, and instilling hope. In doing so, Fueled for School ensures that food relief has a more meaningful, sustainable impact for undernourished students and local producers.

Mission in Action

“Provide food insecure youth with nutritious meal packs ..”

  • In 2017, we provided 136 students with 2.5lbs of nutritious food every weekend for 14 weeks. In 2018, we aim to provide 200 students with 2.5lbs of nutritious food every weekend for 33 weeks — almost every weekend occurring during the school year.

“Promote the educational value of nutrition ..”

  • When students are well nourished, they are better behaved and more focused academically. Strategically communicating the importance of food security and nutrition on our website and materials creates the conditions for parents and students alike to embrace nutrition as a means of educational success.

“Increase access to local food ..”

  • Engaging local farmers and food producers in the creation of our meal packs promotes local, more sustainable food economies.

“Instill hope ..”

  • We deliver each meal pack with a sincere intention to spread love, express compassion, and engender hope in the families we serve.


Teacher talk

"Give food, give love! Fueled for School is a vital effort ensuring our students experiencing food insecurity are fed on weekends."

— Beth Freeman, Noblesville elementary school teacher